Seller Policy Pages

Terms and Conditions 

1)   The duration of the agreement isOne Year.

2)   The Seller will sell their  products’through .Seller will keep their products in their custody but whenever any order comes, forwards the confirm order to will deliver the products to customer end seller will send the product on b71 office.

4)   If wants to change any business decision that relates with b71bd it would be shared with 2nd party by mutually agreement it might be changed.

5)   Any content, creative, image developed by cannot be used by the seller without taking prior permission. 

6)   Both parties possess right to cancel the agreement anytime giving 15 days prior notice.  

7)   When we received an order from the customer. We will inform you dashboard and email & over the phone. 

Seller’s rights and obligation

1)   Seller Manage their full dashboard, product details, Image and others information also Campaign offer. 

2)   Provide product warranty, guaranty and after sales service (if have).

3)   Ensure regular supply of products. 

4)   Ensure that products are brand new, in proper working order and in sellable condition.

5)   Guarantee that the information/content provided by the seller does not violate any third party's intellectual property rights.

6)   Guarantee that products being displayed on website don’t violate any legal issues. 

7)   If a product purchased is defective OR any reason mutually agreed, Customer can return the product in its original condition within 7 days of receipt.

8)    In case of customer rejects, where the customer refuses to collect the product at delivery, Seller will bring back with products.

9)    In case of customer returns, where the customer accepts the product but later returns; will check the product’s condition and if it fulfills Seller’s return condition, it will be sent back to seller or inventoried as mutually agreed upon by both the parties. 

B71’s rights and obligation

1)   Advertise the product of the Selleron the website.

2)   Collect all the payments of sold items fromthe customer

Selling Price & Payment

Ø The product selling price will be set by Seller

Ø Pay to theSellerdue payment of the sold products which is successfully delivered on account or Cheque once in (15 days) fifteen days.

The Seller will pay a commission against the selling price for each of its products sold at That Commissioning System are If you product rate less than 10,000 taka then Commission are 10% if product rate Upper than 10,000 taka then Commission are 5% .